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The Amsterdam Seed Center was founded in 2011 and aims to be the best source to order cannabis seeds online. All the most popular seed banks under one roof. How easy can we make it? Even better! With over 30 years experience and more than fourty seed banks, offering hundreds of different varieties under that same roof, you'll be sure to buy the right seed for your purpose.
Next to cannabis seeds, you can get a variety a cool vaporisers, Sativa® bags, grinders, magic truffles, clothing, cannabis/marihuana books and more.

Welcome to Jamaica!

I am blessed, that is how I want to start covering my experience in Jamaica. History was being made in Jamaica last month, and I was there, for the: HighTimes Cannabis World Cup 2015 aka Rastafari Rootzfest in Negril. It was my first time in Jamaica; a country that already had a place in my heart because of Bob Marley, Reggae, Rastafari and, yes of course, GANJA!

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Popping Beans by @esjeherbSeeds germinated, seeds planted, seedlings above the ground ... Now it's time for the KEY-GROWING PHASE! This means that from now on your cannabis plants will only grow.


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